Drive revenue per square foot through swift and stunning branded interfaces on top of a secure, stable commerce platform. Let us handle servers and uptime, so you can focus on your food and happy customers.


    Delight customers everywhere with native iOS, Android, and web ordering experiences. Features like Upsell and Group Ordering are designed to maximize your ​ecommerce results.

    iOS and Android mobile Applications
    You can get iOS and Android apps exclusively for your restaurant, branded with your own logo. Let your customers choose from the menu, order directly from the app and pay at your restaurant or using one of the many other options.

    Website: Online Ordering Menu
    You receive a fully developed website:

    • branded with your restaurant’s name and logo
    • easy to navigate
    • app download button
    • mobile friendly
    • with a description of your restaurant
    • SEO optimised

    What if you already have a website?

    That’s brilliant. You will have our Online Ordering Menu integrated in it by our IT masters. No extra work needed, we handle it all for you.

    Connect with your customers. We make sure they have a smooth experience while using your online ordering system.

    Marketing Services
    Engage with your existing customers. Bring the new ones to your restaurant.


    How can WEUNGRY’s online ordering platform help you do that?

    We provide you with a personalized marketing package completely free of any extra fees.


    Our Marketing Team is here to assist you in creating online and in-store marketing strategies for you business growth. Together we will build a strong brand for your restaurant using:

    • Adwords (online advertising)
    • Flyers
    • Window stickers
    • SMS, Email and App push campaigns
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
    • etc

    Customer Support
    Our dedicated team is available to answer all of the system related questions both from you and your customers over the phone, via email or on the live chat.


    We will also help you implement all of the changes on the website and in the app within 24h free of any extra charge.

    Management tools
    How do you think about having your own Success Manager?


    Once you become our partner, we make sure you have one truly dedicated to your cause. They will be ready to guide you through the process and help you achieve great results with WEUNGRY.


    What if you like to do things by yourself?


    Control and customize your restaurant info:
    Opening hours, Menu, Prices, Discounts, etc.

    Keep an eye on your orders, payments and savings - everything in one place!


    Not only have you all of the insights, but also WEUNGRY’s team assistance in making your results even better.

  • Be on every online ordering platform

    Take orders from every online ordering service

    and reach more customers.

    Simplify order fulfillment and
    easily manage multiple-delivery
    services without chaos.

    Track orders and revenue and view
    all of your online ordering data in
    one easy to read dashboard.

  • WEUNGRY helps restaurants get their own digital ordering, delivery system, and engagement platform to handle all their digital orders and customers. Every restaurant gets their own branded website (or ordering plug-in button for existing website) and apps (iOS + Android). Also they get a login to their online client portal to see statistics, edit menu and much more. WEUNGRY's system automatically helps the restaurant in communicating to it's customers and motivate them to order again and again. Retention and frequency from returning customers goes up when using WEUNGRY platform

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